24 Useful Tools For Growth Hackers and Entrepreneurs

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We often get asked about various growth tools that we recommend for startups so I thought I’d put this list together. I’m sure there are several I left out so feel free to add recommendations…

User Feedback

1. Usertesting.com— users are provided a set of instructions of pages and flows to go through on your site and provide video feedback on usability, product clarity, navigation and more.  Pricing: starts at $49/video

2. Typeform — I recently discovered Typeform. A beautifully designed product that lets you create surveys, add your own branding, is mobile friendly and free.  Pricing: free with premium plans

3. Surveymonkey — create and publish online surveys.  Pricing: free for up to 100 responses per survey first tier starts at $17/month billed annually ($204)

4. PollDaddy — embed surveys and polls on your website.  Pricing: free for personal use, business plans start at $200/month

5. Olark — live chat widget.  Pricing: starts at $44/month

Analytics & Dashboards

6. Google Analytics— a free analytics service that tracks website traffic, inbound traffic sources and conversions.  Pricing: free

7. Mixpanel— event-based analytics framework.  Pricing: free up to 15k data points, first tier starts at $150/month

8. Kissmetrics— person-based analytics platform.  Pricing: starts at $150/month

Tip: I’ve found Mixpanel is more useful for engineering-driven teams with a strong analytical background while Kissmetrics is more useful for sales/marketing driven companies

9. Heroku Dataclips — tool used with heroku which allows you to query your database and easily export the results to csv, xls and json for email lists or data analysis.  Pricing: free with heroku which is a cloud-based application platform that is free to start but quickly scales up in cost

Tip: Combined with Sendgrid’s newsletter tool with some SQL skills and basic HTML & CSS chops you can analyze cohorts and build entire email drip campaigns with a/b testing all without an engineer

10. Gekoboard — imports all your KPI metrics into a dashboard. Works with Mixpanel, Optimizely, Google analytics and dozens more.  Pricing: starts at $17/month

Custom Writing Services

11. Essay writing service reliable writing service with lots of useful information on custom writing

12. Essay pro writing service – an affordable custom writing service.

13. Writemyservice.com – offers all type of written assignments.

14. Custom-essay.net – custom essay writing service with best reviews.

15. Writing Experts – the true writing expert writers.


16. SendGrid— cloud-based email delivery service.  Pricing: starts at $9.95/month

17. Mailchimp— email marketing provider.  Pricing: free for up to 12,000 emails/month

18. Mailgun— a set of powerful APIs that allow you to send, receive and track email.  Pricing: free up to 10,000 emails/month

Optimization & A/B testing

19. Optimizely— a website A/B testing tool and editor.  Pricing: starts at $17/month

Tip: integrates with analytics frameworks like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics and Google Analytics which is great for measuring for instance how a sign-up page impacts actions further down the funnel such as purchases or next-day retention

20. Apptimize— an A/B testing framework for iOS and Android.  Pricing: starts at $50/month for up to 1 million installs

21. Bitly — is a URL shortener and link tracking service.  Pricing: free

Tip: Test different headlines on twitter 1 hour apart with a different URL for the same post

SEO & Web Ranking

22. Moz— analytics and competitive analysis dashboard for inbound marketing & social efforts.  Pricing: starts at $99/month

23. Alexa — a free global web traffic ranking service.  Pricing: free

24. Ahrefs— provides information on external links, referring domains and IPs, top pages, main anchor text, linked domains, and more.  Pricing: $79/month

Social Monitoring

20. Social Mention— measures brand mentions on blogs, microblogs, images, videos, questions, and bookmarking sites.  Pricing: free

21. Topsy— twitter searching with links and images.  Pricing: free with premium features for results & alerts

22. Commun.it— a free tool for building engagement on Twitter.  Price: free

23. Fanpagekarma— monitor the Facebook fan page growth of you competitors.  Pricing: starts at $49/month

24. Appdata— provides leader-board rankings & trends for top Facebook applications.  Pricing: Free with a premium features starting at $49/month for detailed reports

There are plenty of tools for Growth Hackers and Entrepreneurs to learn and master. Pick a few that make sense for your company and start building, testing and measuring.

For an excellent comprehensive outline on how to become a customer acquisition expert check out this post by Brian Balfour

Growth Hackathon December 7th

On December 7th and 8th I’m organizing an event called Growth Hack SF. The weekend-long event is similar to a hackathon but for marketers, designers, entrepreneurs as well as engineers. Winners will be chosen based on revenue traction 15 days after the event.

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