Finnish underage and his parents condemned of fraud and money laundering

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With global passion for gambling, many people nowadays are fond of online netticasino entertainment and Fins are not an exception. Online games have always been a tempting type of entertainment for Finnish nation which some of the locals also treat as a source of second income.

However, this type of activity does not always lead to great rewards. Instead, some players end up scamming on web-based casinos because of the software errors which can eventually lead to greater losses than gains.

In fact, similarly to other nations where gambling ends up being a dangerous and risky activity rather than a way to earn extra cash, the cases of online casino fraud in Finland are quite common.

Thus, only a couple of years ago, a teenager from Finland cheated on the online casino in Malta and illegally obtained 130,000 Euros. As a result, it affected not only himself but also his parents.

Online casino scam case disclosed: Details of a family fraud in Finland

The convicted teenager was 16 years old at the time of committing the crime – he purposefully took advantage of the error in casino software and passed the registration without disclosing his real date of birth. After the fraud became known to the authorities, he was convicted of aggravated scam only due to his age.

Nevertheless, as soon as he reached 18 years old, he received the suspended sentence of almost two years. As it was discovered by law-enforcement agencies, the system in the given online casino gave gamblers a chance to refuse from the money back opportunity. Consequently, the stolen amount of money was transferred to the online wallet and later the banking account of the client.

As it was discovered, the teen from Finland took advantage of the bug in the system and obtained as much as 132,000 Euros transferred to private banking account. Moreover, investigators soon found out that it was not a one-time event as the boy made several successful attempts to steal casino money. Luckily, one of the casino employees quickly revealed the fraud only a few months after the crime.

Consequently, the teen was obliged to return not only the amount of stolen money but also pay the legal charges of the given casino equal to 3,000 Euros. But even this is only part of the punishment – his parents also turned out to be guilty of money laundering.

Teen’s parents blamed for money laundering: What’s the outcome?

The teen’s parents were soon convicted of illegal money laundering. Thus, due to the father’s engagement in money laundering activities, he received a 5-month suspended sentence. As for the boy’s mother, she was sentenced to 60-day probation for committing the same crime.

What were the circumstances of parent’s crime?

In fact, both parents appeared to have illegally obtained finances on their personal banking accounts. After the crime was disclosed, the teen’s mother was forced to pay back the stolen funds. The exact sum was equal to as much as 2,000 Euros coupled with the price of motorcycle worth 5,000 Euros which was also bought on the money she received in the same way.

As for the boy’s father, he was convicted of the aggravated money laundering which resulted in a more sizeable fine – he was obliged to pay back 14,500 Euros for his crime. The amount of funds to return was exactly what he illegally transferred to his personal account.


The bugs in the online casino systems are common for many gambling spots and may surely be misused by scammers. When it comes to Finland, the cases of casino fraud are quite a rare phenomenon but even if they happen, such crimes are most often disclosed.

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